Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Legal Extranet Technology Tips

We suggest the following when considering a legal extranet implementation:
  • Be sure to select a system with a strong database engine (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.) to support robust requirements and storage needs.
  • Be sure the site is encrypted using a SSL certificate.
  • Strive for "location", not "per site", licensing. It is probably much cheaper.
  • Be sure to ask the software vendor to show you some of the flexibility of the system -- can you add/remove/relocate fields, etc.
  • Be sure you understand the primary reason(s) you are implementing the system (case management, document management, calendaring, contact management, etc.) so you can develop an appropriate ROI for an investment in a legal extranet system.
  • Be sure to understand the main features and functionality of the legal extranet system you are considering implementing and be sure these are in alignment with your business needs.