Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Document Distribution

Sending out documents via email is passe. It is extra work to address an email, the attachment might not pass through a client's email filter (because of size constraints, virus scans, etc..), and you might mistakenly send it to the wrong person.

Why not use legal extranets to distribute documents.

When you do this, you simply attach a document to the system. The system sends out email to authorized users and is sending only the link (not the file). This addresses all the concerns alluded to in the first paragraph of this posting. Clients then click on a link, sign into the legal extranet, and are directed to the litigation support document which was just added to the system. They can then download it, print it, do whatever they want with it.

And, in the future, the document is always there for future reference, and can be grabbed from any internet connected PC (not only when one is connected to their own email system).

Isn't that easier? Consider using a hosted extranet provider to post and distribute your litigation support documents today.