Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Using legal extranets to facilitate remote document coding

One recent use of legal extranet technology we identified was using this extranet technology to allow remote individuals to code legal documents. Here is how it works.

The documents to be coded are locally stored at the remote work facility(ies). The individuals doing the coding open the files up locally to review them. They, simultaneously, open up the legal extranet system to code the documents. The coders add the documents to the legal extranet system assigning appropriate bibliographic and other coding values within fields on the legal extranet system which are designed to profile the added document.

Then, after the documents are coded, others can use internet-based search screens to execute searches against the documents for the purpose of performing a more detailed and targeted review. This allows a law firm and their client to be working in an interactive, live database of documents granting access to the document repository to all interested parties.