Friday, May 30, 2014

File Rooms

More and more, the use of collaboration systems to develop client file rooms is emerging.

As an example, one can use a file room as a sort of brief bank within a law firm to collect best practice documents to allow attorneys to benefit from the excellent work of one another and not have to work to "reinvent the wheel".

Another interesting use is to construct a "client file room", this being a place where a law firm collects all the information related to a large set of cases and places the information in a single, password protected area making it available to authorized personnel.

And a third use would obviously be to collect all the artifacts and documents related to a specific case.

This information is both operationally valuable (it helps attorneys work more productively by sharing useful work product and data) as well as very, very valuable from the perspective of marketing (a law firm can allow a client to log into a portal or they can demo the portal in a WebEx and either way they can make a very compelling argument that by sharing information and working together they truly have the client's best interests in mind and that they are able to provide strong(er) representation at a more competitive cost).

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