Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Litigation task management

One useful application of internet-based legal technology is to deliver a tool allowing many law firms working on a case to manage the tasks associated with a case. If a complaint needs to be answered, depositions need to be taken, interview need to be conducted, analysis needs to be completed -- all related to tens or hundreds of cases -- tracking who is supposed to do what (and when it needs to be done and if it is done) can be a daunting task.

However, that being said, it is an important task. During the management of a large, nationwide litigation, it is vitally important that cases and litigations are properly managed, that the initial demand is tracked, the settlement negotiations are properly overseen, that any requests or movement towards arbitrition is watched over, that the discovery process proceeds as it should, that all appropriate motions are managed and tracked, that one properly prepares for a pre-trial conference, and that all pre-trial tasks are properly planned for and executed.

Legal extranets or law firm extranets commonly deliver a function which allows tasks to be tracked, assigned to individuals, assigned a status (like complete, in process, or incomplete), and be given a priority. For large litigations where many firms are involved, legal extranets can be a useful way to oversee the completion of all requisite task associated with a block of related litigations.