Friday, August 19, 2005

2005 - Client Relations Goals

Is one of your law firm's goals for 2005 to improve client relations between your law firm and your key clients? If so, perhaps it would be worthwhile to consider setting up a law firm extranet / client portal site for each and every key client.

With this completed, your law firm would be poised to instantly provide any client with services such as sharing matter management information, document sharing, joint management and publishing of case calendars and task lists, publishing of case contact sheets and bulletin boards, and perhaps also other areas where one could collaborate with a client.

By providing this type of law firm extranet service to all key clients, it is easy for a law firm to differentiate themselves from other competitors who might not be providing this service to all clients. And, by doing this, a firm can also highlight with an externally facing application that they use information technology as a key business driver to deliver superior representation at the lowest possible costs to all of their clients.