Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Recent Innovative Uses Of Collaboration Technology

Recently we have seen the following pretty cool uses of technology to enable working teams to more productively collaborate.

- We're helping a technical organization design and implement a change management system which will allow them to manage changes to their production environments. These changes are not only applications changes, but also extend into areas such as hardware upgrades and other types of projects which require close management of the implementation activities to ensure that all the parties and client relying on the impacted service continue to enjoy the benefits of this service with minimal business interruption or other issues related to the changes being made to the system.

- We've helped a client post up a calendar of events associated with a set of information which spans several organizations and locations. The calendar is maintained by a central administrator with appropriately structured access granted to a wide variety of individuals who need to access the calendar in order to better perform their job functions.

As other interesting uses of extranet and collaboration technology are brought to our attention, we of course will continue to brief you on these developments.