Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gadgets and Technology

As 2007 ends and we hear more and more information about the latest and greatest technologies, now is a great time to remember that there needs to be a compelling business case (at least most of the time) to implement a new technology. One should really understand the costs, benefits, contributions to the business and effort involved in implementing a new technology prior to proceeding on an effort.

Of course, worthwhile projects should be identified and implemented quickly, this is a friendly reminder just to take a look at all projects and understand the scope, complexity and what you hope to get out of each project prior to diving into a new effort.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Potential to use Legal Extranets as Brief Banks

The use of legal extranets is expanding to users within law firms as well, most notably to promote firm-wide, cross-office sharing of work product.

For example, the potential to share briefs and documents in a "Brief Bank" across offices is an emerging area of need. With collaboration technology, attorneys can quickly and easily share work product on a secure, web-based manner and facilitate efforts such as relying on particular documents as "best practices" and other strategies designed to allow attorneys and paralegals to work in a more efficient and productive manner.