Friday, December 12, 2014

Configuring a case management area for a client

When working with new clients, it is critical that one conducts an initial business requirements gathering session. This session should attempt to identify many things such as.

  • The data points which need to be tracked.
  • The reports a client will need.
  • Security requirements of the client -- who should see what cases and documents, who is authorized to enter/review/update/delete data, who should have access to certain system functions, and who is the system administrator.
  • Discussion of the system administrative data (lists of required law firms, courts, defendants, case types, etc..) so the extranet dropdown boxes shall contain this data.
Once these items are defined, the implementation project manager should document these (in writing) and gain client signoff on the requirements. He/she can then take the requirements back to the technical implementation staff to develop, if needed, a set of functional specifications and project plan to implement the requirements.
Once these items are a available, a project manager needs to convey the cost and timing associated with the implementation activities to a client, and to keep the client updated and seek the client's feedback during the course of the implementation.
Finally, another excellent practice is to seek feedback from your clients on a periodic basis. This helps to be sure they are satisfied with your system implementation as well as helps to serve as a catalyst to further discussions about how technology can help an attorney in their practice.