Sunday, October 15, 2006

More news on business development portals

Here are some other ways one can use a portal to demonstrate their expertise in a particular area:
  • Comment on some recent developments in the news, areas of law, recent court decisions.
  • Publish a set of useful resources in the area which others might find to be helpful.
  • Offer to provide some assistance and to open up a dialogue with others seeking help or guidance in these areas.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Technical Tip

Be sure that you have a strong mechanism to track usage on collaboration sites. With this in place, you can follow-up with those using the systems to ensure the systems are doing what needs to be done. One can also follow-up with those not using the system to see why they are not using the systems and to ask if they need training, assistance, other features, etc. Usage measurement tools, properly deployed, can help those managing portals and collaboration systems provide more targeted and focused client service to their user community.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Using collaboration technology to help law firms manage administrative projects.

We recently completed a pretty interesting use of our collaboration / portal technology to provide law firms with the capability to track and manage a wide variety of administrative projects in areas such as marketing, information management, pro bono work, executive management and community affairs.

This tool is particularity helpful for Managing Partners or Executive Directors of law firms who want to get a handle on all the administrative projects which are in progress within a firm. It helps to track the project benefit, the project budget and costs, the project manager and participants, and project status (amongst many other types of data).

For more information on this product please visit our website at or call us at 973-286-4350

Law Firm Practice Group Business Development Portals

We just put together some pretty interesting portals for a client helping them promote their E-Discovery Practice. For more information on this topic and for ideas on how to promote your firm's capabilities with portal and collaboration technologies, please be in touch with me or visit our website at

Eight Best Practices from CIO for Disaster Recovery

Here is a link with some excellent suggestions for building a disaster recovery mechanism and strategy from CIO Magazine. These ideas and concepts are excellent ideas for any system, including legal extranet systems.